mr.jcabrera | The Hub
graphic design, branding, mrjcabrera, juan cabrera, editorial design, montreal
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About This Project

This is a concept piece developed for my admission to the BFA in Design.

The Hub takes the best of what is currently on the market but lays foundation to a new type of solution that has never been attempted before. Other virtual assistant hardware currently on the market only works with their respective company offerings. If a user wishes to use the echo platform and install Google assistant for instance, they would not be allowed or even able to do it. This solution offers the possibility of installing any virtual assistant available on the market on the hardware. The hardware for this product is unobtrusive and elegant. It is there when you need it and also blends into your home, office or wherever you wish to install it. Being a connected device, multiple instances of the hardware can be installed. It uses the latest technology in far-field recognition as well as the latest in multi-touch controls. Two versions were created to accommodate for room size and fuller sound.